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Review: Sugarpill Edward Scissorhands Palette (Limited Edition)

I told you I’d be back very soon with another Sugarpill palette! This time I’m bringing you the Edward Scissorhands 25th Anniversary Limited Edition palette. I believe this one is actually sold out, but I wanted to let you all know my thoughts anyway.



Sugarpill Edward Scissorhands 25th Anniversary palette
Limited Edition and sold out (sorry!)
Retailed for £24.95

First up, 70% of why I bought this palette is the packaging. I love Edward Scissorhands, it’s been one of my most favourite films ever since I was a kid, so of course I was going to love this. It’s Sugarpill’s signature cardboard packaging, with a magnetic closing. But it’s all about that print. The castle on the hill, the bush sculptures, the snow. Ugh, I just hear that Edward Scissorhands theme song in my head each time I look at that packaging, and that’s something I’m totally okay with.

So, what’s inside this palette? This palette holds 6 eyeshadows, at 0.8oz each. These aren’t small pans at all, Sugarpill definitely like to give us our money’s worth of product! There are 4 mattes, and 2 shimmers.


L-R; Home Sweet Home, Suburbia, Ice Angel, Heart Shaped Cookie, The Inventor, Castle on the Hill.

Home Sweet Home: A warm pastel blue, matte shadow. Nice smooth texture, with nice pigmentation. It’s the same ‘dirty blue’ of the house in suburbia. I can’t remember who’s house it was that was the blue one, but this eyeshadow is that colour.
Suburbia: This is a bright, warm coral matte shadow. Feels similar to my Burning Heart mattes, but a little softer. Nicely pigmented, also makes a beautiful blush.
Ice Angel: Even though the packaging had me running to order, this is the shadow that got me clicking this into my basket. I want to cry that I can’t photograph this properly for you. This looks white in the pan but it’s a blue/violet duochrome iridescent heaven-sent glorious shade that is beautifully buttery and apart from being the prettiest, is the best performing shade in the palette. I want Sugarpill to sell this as an individual shadow because I will always need it. This makes a stunning highlighter too if you’re brave. (For dupes of this shade check out NYX Opal*)
Heart Shaped Cookie: a warm, tan? What even is this colour? It’s the colour of a perfectly baked cookie. I can’t even describe it. It’s smooth, buttery and pigmented. Looks lovely in the crease.
The Inventor: When you look at this in the pan, it looks like a gunmetal grey, however, I see some violet when I swatch this. I wouldn’t be mad if it was a straight shimmery gunmetal but I do love the added shift. This is just as soft and buttery as Ice Angel, very pigmented too but I’d say would benefit from building.
Castle on the Hill: A cool toned plummy brown. Also, the first hint of disappointment I’ve felt with a Sugarpill shadow. It’s soft, it’s velvety, it just needs building. All of my other SP shadows are pigmented off the bat and this one is the first one that isn’t. But it does build to a good pigmentation.

This palette definitely houses the perfect shades to commemorate the beauty that is the Edward Scissorhands movie. The pastels to represent Suburbia, and the darker moodier tones of Edward himself. Sugarpill did very well with this palette, and it is a shame that it was Limited Edition. I’m glad to have gotten my hands on it.


This is an negative space cut-crease that I put together with this palette, along with Poison Plum and a dash of Love+ from the Burning Heart palette (review of that here).

So, did you manage to get your hands on this palette? If so, what are your thoughts? Have you tried anything by Sugarpill, and what have you/do you want to try?

Until next time!
Kim xo

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