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Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette 2016 Collection

I have another Makeup Revolution product for you guys today. This time it’s the 144 Eyeshadow Palette, 2016 Collection. I love Makeup Revolution, and I’ve been a fan of their eyeshadows for a long time, so when I saw this in Superdrug in December I couldn’t not buy it. Eyeshadow palettes are a huge, huge weakness of mine. So when I see a massive palette with a ridiculous amount of pretty colours in it, I need it. Sorry, bank account.

Here’s what Makeup Revolution say about the 144 Eyeshadow palette on their website.
This all in one compact contains all the shades you need for any occasion day or night. With 144 colours to choose from create any look or experiment! From nudes, to smoked, to brights you have everything you need in this sleek and great value palette. A must have for any makeup lover!

Okay, that’s enough introduction, lets see some swatches! All swatches were taken in natural light.


Row 1

  1. Neutral toned, matte light beige. Very pale, chalky and under pigmented. However, it makes a good base colour.
  2. Warm toned, matte, golden beige. Very pale, smooth. Another good base shade for warm skin tones.
  3. Pink toned, matte beige. Pale, chalky. Good base for cool skin tones.
  4. Very pale peach, matte. Slightly chalky but blends well. Think Peach Smoothie from Makeup Geek.
  5. Warm taupe, matte. Smooth, nice pigment. One of my go-to transition shades for the crease.
  6. Warm mid brown, matte. Under pigmented.
  7. Warm mid brown, with a bronze shimmer. Under pigmented, shimmer is more of a subtle glitter. I’ve not actually used this shade at all.
  8. Ashy dark brown, matte. Decent pigment, blends well. My go-to eyebrow powder.
  9. A cool toned, grey blue, matte. Chalky but pigmented.
  10. Dark, almost black, matte. Decent pigment, can be a pain to blend.
  11. Cool mauve, matte. Under pigmented, mild disappointment.
  12. Cool pink toned mauve, matte. Good pigment, looks nice in the crease.


Row 2

  1. Slightly golden, frosty white. No glitters, makes a gorgeous highlight.
  2. Iridescent warm pink. Leaves a pretty sheen rather than depositing colour.
  3. Frosty neutral beige. Also a nice highlight, or a nice lid colour for a daytime look.
  4. Literally Dust from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. A frosty warm baby pink. Pretty but fallout central.
  5. A warm, pinky, bronze with bronze shimmer. So-so pigment.
  6. A warm, orangey gold shimmer. Great pigment, blendable, very nice shadow.
  7. A dark, vintage bronze shimmer.
  8. A warm mid brown with a golden bronze shimmer. Very soft, more shimmer than pigment, but I like it.
  9. An odd colour to describe. I want to call it a cool antique gold. Smooth and buttery, decent pigment.
  10. Purple toned mid brown with bronze shimmer. Under pigmented but does build well.
  11. Deep, warm bronze shimmer. Pigmented, smooth, kind of a dream.
  12. Neutral mid brown with a pearl shimmer. Builds nicely.


Row 3

  1. Another iridescent pink, this time with a hint of violet. Leaves a pretty sheen, makes an interesting highlight.
  2. A neutral cream, matte. Smooth, decent pigment and builds well.
  3. A light peachy taupe, matte. A solid transition shade, buildable and blendable.
  4. Nooner from Naked 3. A warm, dusty rose, matte. Well pigmented, but also builable. Great crease colour.
  5. A dusty rose shimmer. Chunky glitters, but pigmented.
  6. Trick from Naked 3 (you sensing a theme yet?) A rosy copper shimmer. Very pigmented, almost foiled finish.
  7. Blackened violet shimmer, subtle blue/pink shift. Needs building, or to be used wet.
  8. A mid, neutral brown satin, pearl shadow. Could be more pigmented but builds well.
  9. The cooler and darker version of 8.
  10. A matte black with fine, red glitter. This thing will fall apart if you press too hard on it. Very pretty but chalky. Does build to a decent pigmentation, eventually.
  11. A dark grey with silver shimmer/glitter. Lacks in pigment, generally a little hard to work with.
  12. The blacker version of 11.


Row 4

  1. A light bone, matte. Pigmented, creamy, nice shadow.
  2. A very, very pale pink with silver glitter. Not much pigment, mostly just glitter.
  3. A warm sandy colour with a pearl sheen. Pretty and subtle lid shade.
  4. A cool taupe, matte. Decent pigment, good in the crease.
  5. A rosy taupe, matte. Pigmented and blendable.
  6. a greyish olive matte with gold glitter. Buildable.
  7. A blackened sapphire, with a blue iridescence and copper glitters. Needs a little building but is an usual and pretty colour.
  8. A warm mid brown, satin. Needs building.
  9. Copper, foiled shadow. Good pigmentation, works best used wet.
  10. A blue silver, shimmer. Pigmented but also works best wet.
  11. A dark blue grey, mostly matte with a very subtle sheen. Needs building.
  12. Black, matte. Decent enough pigmentation. Builds well.


Row 5

  1. A subtly golden cream pearl shadow. Decent pigment.
  2. A frosted warm beige. Think Sin from Naked 1.
  3. A light neutral beige, matte. Pigmented and smooth.
  4. A warm peachy taupe, matte. Pigmented and smooth.
  5. A warm rosy taupe, matte. Also, pigmented and smooth.
  6. Frosted peachy champagne. Pigmented.
  7. If rosy copper was a thing, then this is what it would look like. Shimmery and pigmented.
  8. A rusty, orange copper, shimmer. Smooth and very pigmented. Takes very little work.
  9. A frosted light bronze. Pigmented and very smooth.
  10. A mid, warm brown, matte. Pigmented but chalky.
  11. A mid, warm brown satin Nice pigment, can be built up if necessary.
  12. Very dark, cool brown, matte. Decent pigment, little chalky though.


Row 6

  1. A soft cream pearl shadow. Leaves more of a sheen than anything else. Makes a nice, subtle highlight for the brow bone.
  2. A pinky champagne frost. Well pigmented.
  3. A cool taupe with a subtle silver shimmer. Can be built up.
  4. A light, cool beige, matte. Smooth and pigmented.
  5. A cool beige shimmer with silver glitters. Could be more pigmented.
  6. A rusty red copper, foiled. Pigmented, works better wet or over a sticky base.
  7. A cool, light bronze shimmer. Good pigment, smooth and buttery.
  8. A bright silver shimmer. A little powdery and soft, but decent pigmentation.
  9. A warm, dark bronzey brown with bronze glitters. Builds.
  10. A cool toned mid brown, matte. Builds well, blends nicely in the crease.
  11. An olive toned mid brown, matte. Pigmented and blends well.
  12. A dark blue grey with subtle violet tones, matte. Decent pigment, builds well.


Row 7

  1. A pale, cool cream, matte. Very chalky but blends well.
  2. A frosty white with a pink iridescence.
  3. A warm light brown, matte. blendable and buildable. Good in the crease.
  4. A neutral, olive toned mid brown, has very very subtle bronze glitters. Quite powdery.
  5. Either a grey toned olive or an olive toned grey, I can’t tell. Matte. Lacks pigment but can be built a little.
  6. An olivey antique gold, satin. Could do with more pigment.
  7. A frosty light bronze. Chunky.
  8. Deep bronzed brown, shimmer. Good pigmentation.
  9. A cooler, slightly blacked version of 8.
  10. Blackened emerald, satin. Pigmented and stunning. Looks mostly black but shifts green.
  11. A mid, warm brown base with a cool blue iridescence. I love the look of this shadow, but it’s almost like they tried to come up with Mac’s Blue Brown, but the brown was poorly pigmented and they ended up with something that shift blue. Try this on a brown cream base though.
  12. Shimmery Black. What else can I say?


Row 8

  1. Straight up, frosted white. Pigmented, shimmery, exactly what you want it to be.
  2. A frosted white with the barest hint of violent.
  3. A cool, light brown, satin. Builds.
  4. A mid, violet toned brown, pearl finish.
  5. A cool frosty violet.
  6. A shimmery champagne. Quite chunky, not my favourite.
  7. Cool, frosty brown.
  8. Ashy, grey brown, matte. Same colour as the ash when we clean out the fire. Chalky but blends out.
  9. Dark, cool, violet toned brown, matte. Pigmented and soft.
  10. A greyish olive with a golden sheen. Needs building.
  11. A cool, dark plummy brown, matte but has red glitters. Pigmented and builds well.
  12. A cool, dark, blue toned grey. Another matte, with glitter.


Row 9

  1. I used to have an eyeshadow exactly like this one from The Body Shop and it was the love of my life. I think it was called Pink Crush or something. Anyway, this is an iridescent pink/violet. I need 50 of these.
  2. Another frosted white. Less pigmented than the other one though.
  3. A warm gold shimmer shadow. Needs building.
  4. A cool violet pink with a pearl finish.
  5. A bright mint, shimmery. Needs to be built for the best colour pay off.
  6. I want this as a blush. A bright, warm iridescent pink.
  7. Depravity from the Give Them Nightmares palette, but crap. A cool violet matte, under pigmented and doesn’t build much.
  8. A forget-me-not blue, with a violet duochrome. I wish this was more pigmented because it’s beautiful.
  9. A cool, ashy, violet brown, matte. Needs building.
  10. A dusty mauve, matte. Also needs building.
  11. A warm, pinky purple matte shadow. Definitely needs building but it’s worth it.
  12. Another duochrome, this time we have an indigo base with a warm purple shift. More pigmented than 8, could still do with building though.


Row 10

  1. Another frosted white, seems to have a barely there hint of lilac. Pigmented and lovely.
  2. MUA Iridescent Gold highlighter. Straight up. A bright white gold highlight colour.
  3. Warm aqua, matte. Sort of chalky but has decent pigmentation and blends well.
  4. Warm purple with a pink iridescent duochrome. Needs building.
  5. Cool indigo with a cool violet iridescent duochrome. More pigmented, but still could do with building.
  6. A light, bright frosted orange. Pigmented and smooth.
  7. A gorgeous rose, with a gold duochrome shift. Pigmented and pretty.
  8. Blackened forest green with an emerald shift and gold glitters. Needs building but it’s stunning.
  9. A bright, cool emerald with a pearl finish. Pigmented and smooth to work with.
  10. A cool forget-me-not blue, seems to have a subtle sheen. Under pigmented but does build.
  11. A blackened navy with a sapphire shift. Pigmented and stunning.
  12. A matte black with red, gold and green glitters. Under pigmented and a little chalky.


Row 11

  1. More gold than #2 from Row, same finish though.
  2. A warm, pale lilac, with the prettiest iridescent glitters. Under pigmented though.
  3. A burgundy plum, matte with red glitters. Super under pigmented and doesn’t build much either.
  4. A matte teal, has green glitters in the pan but doesn’t translate on the skin.
  5. Another bright, cool emerald. More of a frosted finish.
  6. Olive green with a gold shimmer. Super pretty.
  7. Cornflower blue with a violet/purple shift. Super pretty but again it’s under pigmented and needs building.
  8. A bright, coppery red frosted shade. Pigmented and one of my favourites.
  9. Another crap version of Depravity but this time with iridescent glitters. The pigmentation is terrible and it’s chalky.
  10. A bright, warm blue satin shade. Pigmented, super soft. Fallout city.
  11. A sapphire blue satin. Under pigmented and takes a lot of building.
  12. A dark gun metal with gold/silver glitters. Pigmented, soft, fallout heavy.


Row 12
(This row is basically the Mermaids vs Unicorns palette, except for the peach.)

  1. A warm, orangey peach matte. Lacks pigmentation but will build.
  2. A turquiose green with a pearl finish. Could do with building for a better colour pay off.
  3. Slightly bluer version of 2.
  4. A cool, frosted mid blue.
  5. A warm blue with a pearl finish. Good pigmentation.
  6. The matte version of 4.
  7. Indigo with a purple/violet shift. Pigmented and builds well. Can blend a little choppy though.
  8. Deep magenta with a violet pearl finish. Needs building.
  9. A pink violet matte with silver glitter. Chalky but has decent enough pigmentation.
  10. A navy with a cornflower sheen. Good pigmentation.
  11. Blackened navy with a blue/violet iridescence.
  12. The most pigmented matte black in the palette with silver glitters. Easy to work with and buttery.

Phew. That’s a lot of shadows.

This palette is a lot of repeats of existing MUR palettes and shadows. If you don’t own any of their palettes, this would be a good starter. However, this will annoy you if you already own any of the palettes. There’s a fair few shadows that lack pigment but all except a few are buildable. I do like this palette but my one bugbear is the lack of matte pops of colour. Almost all of the colourful shadows are shimmery or frosted. I like to have more matte options when it comes to colour. If you’re someone that prefers neutral eyeshadows with the odd pop of colour then this is a perfect all round palette for you.

I bought this palette for £10 at Superdrug, but I don’t think it’s available there anymore. Makeup Revolution have it on their website for £20 here.

Until next time lovelies, Kim xo


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