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Review: Sugarpill Addicted to Pretty Burning Heart palette

Who loves bright colours? I love bright colours. So of course, I was a massive fan of the indie makeup brand Sugarpill before I even tried the products. If you’re at all familiar with Sugarpill you will know what I mean. The cult brand are famous for their gorgeous bright matte shadows, stunning pigments in a vast array of shades, adorable packaging, and for all their products being cruelty free/mostly vegan. Plus, I have had nothing but amazing communications with the Sugarpill team, which is a massive plus for me.

As Sugarpill is an American brand, I ordered my items from or to avoid all the annoying costs that come with ordering from other countries. I have had only good experiences from both these stockists, fantastic postage times and great communication, so if you’re from the UK I highly recommend checking them both out if you haven’t already.

I’m only going to be talking about one of my Sugarpill palettes today, and the palette I’m going to talk about is their Burning Heart palette. I own one more, and a pigment, which I will talk about soon. I fully intend to collect the whole range, just as soon as I’m off my No-Buy.


Sugarpill Addicted to Pretty Burning Heart palette

There are 3 of these Addicted to Pretty palettes, all of which contain 4 eyeshadows. Each pan contains 0.12oz of product, so these are big pans. I think this is important to note, because I know when I first saw the price for 4 eyeshadows my reaction was, “Ouch!” But the pan size definitely makes the price worth it, in my opinion. I chose the Burning Hearts palette because these are the colours that call to me the most, plus I always feel if you want to know about the quality of a brand’s eyeshadow, then test their yellow and their purple. Both colours are notorious for being difficult to work with as they generally lack pigmentation and are very chalky. Not in this palette though!

Before I talk about the shadows themselves though, I wanna talk packaging because damn. I have seen some cute packaging in my days, but I’m truly in love with Sugarpill’s packaging. The kitten logo is absolutely adorable, and I love cats, so that’s already a point in their favour. Pink is my favourite colour, so that’s another point. The design on the front is eye catching and is the right amount of cute, with a side of edgy which I feel describes the brand to a tee. Functionality wise; the packaging is that sturdy cardboard type, with a well held magnetic closing. There is also the cardboard sleeve that goes with it for extra protection. Apparently the pans are magnetic too, so if you want to depot your shadows, you just need to pop the pans out and they’ll snap right into your artist palette. Bonus points ahoy! The whole thing is very functional, sleek, perfectly sized and attractive. All the things you want, really.

So for the actual eyeshadows, the colours are; Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+ and Poison Plum. Even the names are adorable.


Flamepoint: A warm, matte orange which is heavier on the red than yellow. Velvety smooth, pigmented and in my experience, not at all powdery.
Buttercupcake: A warm, matte sunshine yellow. As with all yellow shades a white base will make this colour pop, but the pigmentation is fantastic, it’s as velvet smooth as Flamepoint, and there’s no chalkiness to be found.
Love+: A matte true red. Neither too warm or too cool, just perfectly in the middle. Pigmented, smooth and a dream to blend. I have been praying for this eyeshadow my whole life.
Poison Plum: A warm, pink toned, matte purple. Still smooth and velvety, very pigmented and a dream to work with.

All these shadows seem to have glitter in the pan, but it doesn’t translate on the eyes or in any of the swatches I have done, which is why I’m calling them matte. I’m sure there’s a reason why there’s glitter in the pan, I just don’t care enough to ask.

I would absolutely recommend a primer with these shades, partially because I always recommend a primer, but partly because I have experienced some staining. Love+ and Poison Plum have stained me when I have forgone primer (because I was being lazy), but I don’t find that too much of a problem in all honesty. I think any staining issues is simply a occupational hazard with such pigmented products. Plus to make the colours really pop, I recommend a white base. They all perform well without it, but for a full on bright look, go for a white base.

Overall, I’m super happy with this palette. I’ve had it for a couple of months now and it’s definitely a go-to for when I feel a little uninspired and needing some colour. As soon as I open this palette up, I’m hit with all the fun things you can do with it. Plus, I absolutely love to use Love+ and Poison Plum as a blush. I haven’t tried Flamepoint yet, but I feel like that will be equally fun.


These are just two of the looks that I have created with only the shadows from this palette. Keep an eye out on my instagram for other looks that I create with these shadows and feel free to come talk to me on there too!
Look out for my review on the Sugarpill Edward Scissorhands palette in the next day or so, too!

Until then, stay safe!
Kim xo

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