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Review: Beau Belle Cosmetics 35 Warm Glow Eyeshadow Palette

I’m pretty sure the invention of online shopping was created with the soul purpose of bankrupting me. If I’m bored, can’t sleep, or I’m upset what’s the first thing I do? I pull up a bunch of online stores and start putting random items into my cart. Usually I come to my senses and exit the page before things get too real, other times I find something that I can’t bear to part with and end up making an impulse purchase at 4am. Which is how I came to be the owner of this 35 Warm Glow eyeshadow palette by Beau Belle Cosmetics.


But, I mean, look at it.

Now, I’m sure you’re familiar with this sort of palette. They’re inexpensive, plenty of shades to choose from and are of an okay quality. Plenty of companies supply this kind of thing, I’ve bought one or two in the past so I knew what to expect in terms of pigmentation etc. I simply really liked this arrangement of colours and I was just plain curious. I’d only heard whispers about Beau Belle brushes, but not really heard anything about their eyeshadows, and since eyeshadow is my favourite I wanted to give them a go.

I’m not really going to talk about the packaging, it’s functional and that’s all I need it to be. It was what was inside that made my heart race. It is a very aesthetically pleasing palette. I have to say, unfortunately, one of the shadows had broken a little during the posting process, but I quickly shook that off as soon as I started dipping my fingers into all of the pretty colours.

The quality of the shadows varies from shade to shade, so I want to give quick thoughts on each one with the swatches.

IMG_0859Top row, L-R

  1. Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph this shade well. This appears white in the pan, however, it’s actually a  violet/pink duochrome. Very soft, a little powdery but is very beautiful. I want to use this as a highlighter.
  2. Another duochrome shadow. Hints of gold with a pink/red reflect. Similar in texture to 1. Soft, a little powdery, a nice highlighting shade.
  3. This is a rosy toned champagne colour. This is a foiled shadow with very good pigmentation. Would make a pretty lid colour for an everyday look.
  4. This is a warm, almost bronze-y gold. Another foiled shadow, however this one has better pigmentation. I would recommend applying this one with your finger for the best pay off.
  5. Duochrome, similar to the first 2 colours but more pink.
  6. A warm camel colour, the first matte in the palette. Very soft and velvety feeling, but not overly pigmented. Good for a soft transition shade.
  7. Might just be me, but I see a duochrome in this. This is a bright yet warm orange, with an almost pinkish red reflect. Highly pigmented, very beautiful. I want to bathe in this shade.


Row 2

  1.  Can’t even tell you what colour this is. It has a vague pearl sheen, but other than that, this shade is utter garbage.
  2. Very pale warm brownish beige? Another matte shade that isn’t overly pigmented but works well as a first transition shade.
  3. A bright and frosty mostly white with a tiny hint of pink.
  4. A taupe maybe? I don’t know, this shade is also trash.
  5. An almost apricot orange with a strong gold reflect, in a foiled finish. Very pigmented, very soft and buttery. Stunning.
  6. A more rosy orange foiled shadow. Again, very pigmented and buttery.
  7. Lighter, cooler orange with a red reflect. More of a pearl finish. Pigmented with a more dense formula.


Row 3

  1. A warm mustard tone.  A matte shadow, less pigmented but works well in the crease.
  2. A cool greyish taupe. Another matte shadow, slightly chalky but workable, a good crease shade.
  3. A warm almost burgundy brown. Very soft and powdery, under pigmented and blends away to almost nothing.
  4. A warm and bright coral. Matte. Chalky but decently pigmented.
  5. A deep red toned copper in a foiled finish. Soft and pigmented.
  6. A metallic champagne. Pigmented with a lovely shine.
  7. Somewhere between a bright coral and orange. One of the better performing matte shadows.


Row 4

  1. A warm mid brown. Matte, under pigmented but blends nicely.
  2. Warm bronze foiled shadow. Pigmented and soft.
  3. A cool brown with a violet undertone. Another chalky matte but it does build well.
  4. A neutral brown. Same texture as shade 3.
  5. A bright copper foiled shadow. Chunkier than the other foiled shadows and heavy on the fallout. Pigmented though.
  6. Another pinky orange, more of a metallic finish. Pigmented and nice to work with.
  7. The literal colour of rust. Another soft and powdery matte, but definitely one of the better mattes in this palette.


Row 5

  1. Unusual colour, and definitely beautiful. I want to call it a blackened bronze with gold shimmer. Very soft and pigmented. One of my favourites.
  2. A plummy cranberry shade with pink and purple shimmers.
  3. A muted dark violet shade. There is shimmer in the pan but it doesn’t really translate on the skin. Quite chalky and lacks in pigment.
  4. A true cranberry matte. Not the best pigmentation but lovely to work with.
  5. Another hard to decribe shade. I’d say a muted smokey purple. Matte, soft, a little chalky but works okay.
  6. Favourite shade in the palette. I can’t even really describe it. It’s an orange with a strong pink reflect, I think. One of the foiled formulas which is beautifully pigmented and a total dream. I’d buy the palette just for this colour.
  7. A bright orangey copper. Just like most of the foiled shadows, it’s pigmented and gorgeous.

Okay so, I would absolutely recommend that you use an eye primer with these shadows. A lot of these are very soft and need some help with adhering to the skin, plus an eye primer will help with longevity. I’d also recommend that you either do your eye makeup before your face, or that you use the old loose powder under the eyes trick, as a lot of these shadows have heavy fallout. That’s to be expected though.
Performance wise, the foiled shadows are definitely the stars of the show. They all have a stunning finish and are very pigmented. A lot of the foiled swatches are from me literally just tapping my finger once in the shadow and then swiping. I do think that the best way to apply these shadows is with your finger. Foiled shadows never perform as well with a brush as they do with the finger. You just get a lot better colour pay off, and you retain the texture and shine.

Most of the disappointments lay in the mattes, which I honestly expected. Mattes are obviously a harder formula to do well, and many brands with an inexpensive price point tend to suffer in that area slightly. I’m not saying they’re terrible, I mean one or two were, but I am saying don’t expect miracles. You can work with most of them, they perform decently in the crease and blend out as transitions well. Which is probably their intended use.

Overall, this is a nice palette. I didn’t expect a whole lot, so I was pleasantly surprised with the fact there was only 2 hard misses in this palette for me. The colours are stunning, and I was severely missing those warm orangey tones in my eyeshadow collection. I’d recommend this palette if you’re not wanting to splash out too much, but you want to build your collection quickly and easily. However, I will reiterate, if you’re expecting Makeup Forever or Nars quality, look elsewhere.

I bought this palette on Amazon for £9.45, however that listing is now nowhere to be found so I’m assuming I had one of the last ones from that seller. It actually seems to be out of stock on Beau Belle’s website too. I’ll update this when it comes back in stock.

So, thoughts on this palette? Are you more of a warm toned person or are cool tones your thing?


Look out for my next post which will be a look using this palette, modelled by my lovely mum.

Until then, Kim x

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