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Review: Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 1 and 2 Palettes

So, Makeup Revolution recently released the Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Edition palette as a follow up to their best selling Golden Sugar palette, and basically I wanted to cry. I was supposed to be on a no-buy, guys. Why do they do this to me? So, obviously I bought it and here we are.



Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 and Golden Sugar palettes
£6 each
Available online here and here 

“The most amazing collection of highly pigmented bronzers, merged bronzers, merged blushers and highlighters in 1 palette complete with a full size mirror.” – Makeup Revolution’s website

Okay so, in these two palettes you get 8 powders. One of the powders in each palette is matte, whilst the others are shimmery. The shimmer/satin shades all have a baked feel, whilst the mattes are smooth and velvety.


Golden Sugar swatches

  1. Frosted white baked highlight, has fine glitters.
  2. Baby pink baked highlight/blush, finely milled and non-glittery.
  3. Dusty mauve rose baked blush, soft sheen without glitters.
  4. Bronzer with gold shimmer, perfect for a summer glow.
  5. Soft light bronze with frosty sheen, baked highlight. Non-glittery.
  6. Pink mauve baked blush/highlight with glitters.
  7. Bright marbled baked bronze, very shimmery. I use this as an eyeshadow as I’m too pale.
  8. Red toned matte bronzer.


Rose Gold Edition swatches

  1. Warm dusky pink with a soft satin sheen
  2. Pretty baked peach with a soft sheen.
  3. Peachy gold highlighter.
  4. Pinkish toned matte bronzer with pink subtle fine glitters throughout.
  5. High shine champagne highlight with no glitters
  6. Neutral pink highlighter with a soft sheen.
  7. A rosy toned baked bronze.
  8. Light pinky matte bronzer, perfect for fair girls.


Golden Sugar 2 and Golden Sugar swatched together.

So, are you #TeamOG or #TeamRoseGold? Or, like me, do you love both? Come tell me in the comments!

Much love,

Kim xo

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