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Review: Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette

Be prepared for another colourful eyeshadow palette. You should know by now that bright colours are my kryptonite. This time I’m bringing you the Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat palette.


Makeup Revolution – Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat

Available on MUR’s Website or Superdrug* (and in-store)

MUR posted a preview of the Pro Looks collection, before they released last spring, and I fell utterly in love with this palette. I knew that I probably didn’t need it, that I probably had similar eyeshadow colours, but I didn’t care. It was going to be mine and that was that. Such is the story of most of my makeup purchases, let’s be honest here.

Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat is a palette with 15 eyeshadows in various textures and finishes. The palette is split into 3 sections with the idea of using the colours in the section to create a look. Of course, you can dip into whatever colour from whatever section you fancy, but it’s perfect for people only just dipping their toes into playing with colour.


Top L-R: Rave On, Rave Off, Repeat Again
Bottom L-R: Say It Now, Right Now, Right Here, Final Track, Needle On, Hot Track, Re-Mix, Eat Everything, Sleep All Day, Rave All Night, Magician, Ibiza Heaven.

Section 1:
Rave On: Matte, white. Underpigmented and chalky.
Say It Now: Matte, bright orange toned red with silver glitters. Pigmented but a little powdery. Fun and unusual colour one of my faves in the palette.
Right Now: Matte, neon pink. Chalky and lacking in pigment, as is the case with most neon mattes.
Right Here: Pink toned iridescent purple. Pinker than it looks in the pan, but very pretty.
Final Track: Warm magenta, with a purple iridescence. Needs building.

Section 2:
Rave Off: Silvery frosted white. Needs building but does give a good pay off, this was my go to cheek highlight last summer.
Needle on: Shimmery bright warm green, with a golden iridescence. I love this colour, I think it’s probably my favourite in the palette.
Hot Track: Matte neon acid yellow. Chalky and underpigmented, as expected.
Re-Mix: Blackened Emerald shimmer. Pigmented, smooth and lovely. Typical for a MUR shimmer.
Eat Everything: I didn’t expect this to be as bright. This is an olive green with a strong bright yellow undertone. It has tiny gold shimmers that don’t really show on the lid. Pigmented and soft, this is not a shadow you want to dig too hard into.

Section 3:
Repeat Again: Bright silver shimmer. Pigmented and a dream to work with.
Sleep All Day: Matte cobalt blue with silver glitter. Does need to be built but easy to work with.
Rave All Night: Warm shimmery mid toned blue. Pigmented, blends beautifully, best performing shadow in the palette.
Magician: Matte cool purple. Chalky and underpigmented.
Ibiza Heaven: Cool indigo with a purple iridescence. Needs building but very beautiful.

All the shadows perform as I expect. I own a disgusting amount of Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes, so I have come to know their formulas quite well. The bright matte shadows never perform brilliantly, but if you apply them over a sticky white base, then you can get the colour pay off that you want. The shimmery shadows are a makeup lovers dream, they’re pigmented, buttery and blend out well. The mattes with glitters always perform nicely, I’m not sure why they perform better than the straight up mattes, but science I guess.

Overall, I have zero regrets over buying the Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat palette. It’s great for colourful looks, smoky looks, or just to pick out a pop of colour on a neutral eye. Plus, it’s only £6. I mean, how can you go wrong?

So, have you tried this palette or do you want to? What’s your favourite colourful eyeshadow palette? Come chat in the comments.

Much love, Kim xo

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2 thoughts on “Review: Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette

  1. Do you know how this one is compared to Urban Decay’s electric pressed pigment palette? 🙂 I’m considering buying one of these, but I can’t seem to make up my mind..

    1. I haven’t personally got the Electric Palette, but I have swatched it & the pigmentation is insane. However, a couple of the shades aren’t considered eye safe (due to the red dyes in the pigment, some people have sensitivity to red, however if you don’t you don’t need to worry about that), but they can stain.

      The Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos palette has been talked about as a good dupe for the Electric Palette (I have a review on that one here & it’s my favourite palette at the moment. I prefer the shade selection in that one & has shade dupes in there. I feel like the pigmentation is more solid in the Colour Chaos palette than this one too. That one is normally £6 but it’s half price atm. The Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat palette is great too, but for a dupe I would recommend the CC one 🙂

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