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What’s the Best Kind of Chaos? Colour Chaos, of course!

You know when you’re adamant that you don’t need something, until you actually have it in your hands and suddenly it’s the answer to all of your prayers? Well, that’s pretty much what happened with me and the Colour Chaos palette from Makeup Revolution.

This was one of those palettes that I’d seen numerous photos online, I had looked at in whilst browsing in Superdrug and just convinced myself I didn’t need it. I figured I already had a fair few of the colours, so why buy it? Then, of course, MUR included it in their recent ‘Free Mystery Gift’ offer, and well… it’s now my new obsession. To the point where I’m actually passing on a bunch of my other colourful palettes onto my sister. So I think that says a lot about how much I love this palette.



Makeup Revolution
Salvation Colour Chaos Palette
Available on MUR online, Superdrug online* (where it’s currently £4) and in-store.


Our most explosive ‘Salvation’ Palette yet…meet COLOUR CHAOS. Containing our brightest and most impactful colour shades yet. Experiment & Go Create, with our super pigmented 18 shade palette containing both Matte and Shimmer Shades in a Professional Palette with full size mirror and applicator.
Love the Shades – Break Rules – Cause Chaos!” – MUR’s website.

Makeup Revolution’s Salvation palette line comes in their black plastic packaging, with a full sized mirror in the lid. There are 18 eyeshadows, 12 are shimmers and 6 are mattes. They also include a double ended sponge applicator but I mean, what is even the point of those things? Throw it in the bin immediately.



Gleam: A bright, shimmery silver.
Wkd: Highly appropriate name, considering it’s pretty much the same colour as blue WKD, and if you don’t know what that is you clearly didn’t do your teen years right. This is a fantastically bright blue matte, with silver glitters. Pigmented, soft and my favourite shadow in the palette.
Tom Tom: Legit the same colour as a tomato. Orange red matte with silver glitters, pigmented and great to work with.
Pink Obsessed: A bright, but pigmented mid toned pink with a small amount of sparkle.
On A Mission: a deep, cool teal shimmer. Pigmented and beautiful to work with.
Over-bored: A strong cobalt blue, with a small amount of glitter running through it.
Needed To…: A deep fuchsia with violet reflects, takes a little building, but has a beautiful duo-chrome affect.
Me Three: A cool blue toned purple, with pink reflects. Similar formula to Needed To…
Do It Now: There’s a shade like this in the Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat palette, and that one is my favourite in that palette, so of course I love this. It’s a bright cool green with a golden shimmer. Pigmented and very pretty.
Toxic Apple-Tini: A yellow toned bright green. A very soft, yet pigmented formula. Don’t dig into this one too hard because you’ll go straight through the pan.
Ammunition: A plummy shimmer, not the easiest colour to describe.
Deliver Me: A blackened emerald with a lot of frost. Pigmented and gorgeous.
Super Y: Neon, acid matte yellow. Chalk central, good luck picking up that pigment.
My Demons: a warm violet matte. Surprisingly good pigmentation and soft.
Tip-X: Again, surprisingly pigmented. Some amount of chalkiness but a well performing matte white.
I Said Go!: A neon, highlighter matte green. Again, I’m surprised, well done Makeup Revolution, this one is pretty good to work with.
Beyond Real: A matte neon highlighter pink… and it’s just… it’s bloody difficult to work with, is what it is.
Calm Me Down: Another apt name. This is definitely the most chill shade in the palette, it’s a neutral beige, which will be perfect for blending out any harsh edges in the crease.


This is a brilliant palette that’s packed with a lot of fun colours, but it does also have some more toned down shades. The more neon colours, like the acid yellow and the fluorescent pink don’t perform as well but such is usually the case. As ever, I recommend using a white primer under the more bright shades, and this time I have photographic evidence as to why.


The top row shows the 6 matte shades from this palette over a white base (Makeup Revolution Hypocrisy Liner in Tip-X), the middle row is over bare skin, and the bottom row is over a nude primer (Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Matte in Creme de Nude). As you can see, the shadows don’t stick well to bare skin, and for the most part, they don’t really show. They cling better to the nude primer, and have better colour pay off, but the colours pop the best over the white primer. Beyond Real is still a little choppy over the primer, but honestly that just isn’t a good shadow. I’d stick to Pink Obsession for a pink shadow. But the others have a really good pay off over the white.

So, you’ve heard my thoughts on the Colour Chaos palette, what are yours? Come tell me in the comments!

Much love,
Kim xo

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