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Feel like a (Blush) Goddess with Makeup Revolution

I am someone that never used to give too much thought to blusher. Don’t really know why, but it just felt like an unnecessary product to me. In the past few months though, I have been obsessed. I’m very much over the whole contouring trend, and I feel the best way to liven up the face is a pop of colour on the cheeks. So when Makeup Revolution dropped 3 new blush palettes in one day, I knew I had to pick up at least one of them. After trawling through swatches online, I eventually settled on their Blush Goddess palette, mostly because of that white gold highlight, but also because of the Spring worthy range of soft shades.



Makeup Revolution
Blush Goddess palette
Available on MUR’s website.

“Introducing our stunning blush and highlight palette, Blush Goddess! 4 beautiful highlighter shades, ranging in intensity from natural sheen to intense illumination. 4 blushes from pink to peach, a great all in one palette for every day blush and highlight. Highly pigmented, smooth and blendable shades. Sweep highlight shades along cheekbones and an upward stroke of blush shades starting from the apples of the cheeks.” – MUR’s website.

So, if you’re used to Makeup Revolution’s palettes, you may be used to having a full sized mirror in the palette’s lid. This one, however, doesn’t have that. This one is more like the packaging in their Redemption eyeshadow line. There is a clear window in the lid which allows you to see the contents.

There are 8 pans in the palette, 4 highlighting powders and 4 matte blushes. The pans are a good size, if my information is correct, there is 1.625g of product in each one.



  1. Subtle and soft highlight, light neutral beige in the pan, and leaves a gentle sheen on the skin.
  2. *heart eyes emoji* Smooth iridescent pink highlighter, glitter free but not subtle.
  3. The highlight that put this palette in my basket, even though I own similar. It’s a stunning white gold, no glitter, bright and beaming and I want to bathe in it forever.
  4. The subtlest of all the highlights in the palette, a soft beige with a hint of peach with a sheen. I want to set my face with this.
  5. A pretty pop of peach, nearly on the coral spectrum.
  6. A warm, but almost nude pinky shade. Lovely for everyday wear in Spring and Summer.
  7. Cooler toned pop of pink which screams spring to me.
  8. A darker toned mid rose colour, pretty for all seasons.


I’m very familiar with MUR’s highlight formula by now, since I own so many, but I hadn’t yet tried their matte blushes. After seeing rave reviews online, I was excited to try them. Needless to say, I’m not disappointed. They are soft and velvety to the touch, and have just the right pigmentation I feel. Obviously you don’t want a blush to be too pigmented, because no one wants to end up looking like a clown, but also you don’t want to have to use the entire pan just to get a hint of colour. I feel like Makeup Revolution got the balance right with these.

As always, the highlight formula is perfect, no chunky glitters, just a pretty sheen.

I know that once my skin has chilled out, I’m going to be making real good use of this palette. Plus, it’ll be perfect for travelling back and forth from home to my boyfriend’s place. I’m always all for multitasking palettes that allow me to have a range of colours, but don’t make my bag weigh a tonne when I’m travelling.

So, what are your favourite blushes for spring time? Are you in love with this palette? Come tell me in the comments!

Much love,
Kim xo

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