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Haul: Makeup Revolution New Launches and Free Mystery Gift

Remember how I’m supposed to be on a No-Buy? Well, apparently I didn’t. Makeup Revolution decided to drop a bunch of new products and then to add insult to injury they ran a ‘spend £30 and receive a mystery gift worth £25’ offer. If you ever want me to buy anything, then using ‘mystery gift’ as an incentive will 100% guarantee that I will buy it. I just have a compulsive need to find out what the thing is. It was the same with Lucky Dips as a kid. Anyway, Makeup Revolution played me like a fiddle and I am now the proud owner of a load of new things.


Can we just appreciate that this is literally £30 worth of things from Makeup Revolution. Other brands run offers like this and you get one, maybe 2 products. Not these guys though, the value for money is real.


Makeup Revolution and British Beauty Blogger (Jane)
Fortune Favours the Brave

Available here & at Superdrug from 6/4

Obviously I had to pick this one up! a) it’s gorgeous, b) I’ve been reading Jane’s blog for a good long time and I’ve been hyped for this release. I shall be posting a full review with swatches this coming week.


Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Edition
Available here.

I adored Golden Sugar so obviously I had to pick up the new edition!


Blush Goddess Blush palette
Available here.

MUR dropped 3 new blush palettes on top of the Golden Sugar 2 launch and this one was singing my name. That gold highlight makes my heart flip.


Lip Amplification
Conviction and Limitless
£3 each.
Available here and here.

A deep grey lip gloss? Obviously that was going in my basket.


Ultra Velour Lip Cream
Don’t Bring Me Down
Usually £3, currently on sale for £1.50
Available here.

I <3 Makeup I Tint My Brows
Usually £1.99, currently on sale for £1
Available here.

When it’s on sale, you’re practically making money.

Onto the mystery gift! If you made an order, but haven’t received yours yet, consider this your spoiler alert!


So, in my Mystery Bag I received;

The One Blush Stick in Malibu, normally £5, currently on sale for £3.50.
Lip Gloss Tube in Hey Girl, normally £1, currently on sale for 50p.
Ultra Velour Lip Cream in Move Your Mouth Forever, normally £3, currently £1.50.
Vivid Blush Lacquer in Desire, normally £1, currently 50p.
Radiant Light in Glow, normally £5, currently £3.50 (for a review on the Radiant Lights palette, which features Glow, click here.)
Lip Hug in Let’s Raise the Bar (Discontinued, I believe.)
Single eyeshadow in Hung Up, £1.
Salvation palette in Colour Chaos, £6

imageHey Girl

imageMove Your Mouth Forever

imageLet’s Raise the Bar

I will be doing individual reviews on a couple of these products, however I am putting some of these back for a giveaway I’m planning on instagram when I hit 1k. I don’t know whether everyone got all the same products or the same shades. If you got the mystery gift, what was in yours?

So, there’s my haul! If you joined in on this offer, what did you buy? Have we bought the same things? What should I have bought? Let me know in the comments, and also, don’t forget to follow my blog to see my reviews on individual products.

Much love,
Kim xo.

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  1. Brand is great, but I remember having a disagreement with a person named jax that works for them not sure of her age but looks about 12 real strange comments and behavour makeup was fine

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